What are you normal business hours?

We open our doors for drop off at 6:00 AM and close at 6:00 PM Monday-Friday. We are not open Saturday and Sunday. We’re closed for most major National Holidays.

Is there a registration fee? 

There is a onetime registration fee of $30.00.

What is the cost of your child care services? 

Infants 6 weeks- 12 months- $185.00 per week

1-2 year olds- $165 per week

3, 4, and 5 year olds- $135 per week

Before & After Care- $66.65 per week/ part days (school year) /  $125 per week / full days (breaks)

Please refer to http://www.rsgcg.com/rates-and-services/ for a full list of service options. 

Does Ready Set Grow Daycare offer a D.E.S. Program? 

D.E.S. clients will be furnished a contract itemizing their co-pay and any additional costs. If you exceed the number of days authorized by D.E.S., you will be charged our regular daily tuition rate. Full time enrollment requires daily attendance. Once eligible vacation days are used, you will be required to pay regular daily tuition.

Please refer to http://www.rsgcg.com/rates-and-services/ for more information on our D.E.S. Program

Will Lunch be provided?

Lunch and snacks will be provided for the children throughout the day. For a full list of our curriculum and daily activities, please visit http://www.rsgcg.com/our-curriculum/.